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About The TEAM

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Carl Winter

Just a dude lookin' to improve the world a bit. By day Carl is a User Experience Designer and by night I'm a TV watcher. 


I've always believed I was blessed with many talents, and it is my privilege to share those talents to improve the world. As is the case with many of us, my ideas to improve the world are many, but my motivation to realize any of those plans is often lacking. 

While living in Brazil in 2006, I imagined a few projects to improve the world. One of these was a project where high schoolers were challenged to find creative ways to stretch $100 to serve their community. Each idea would be posted on the project website, and local businesses would contribute $1 per vote that each idea would receive. Upon receiving $100, the student would try to execute their idea and give some feedback to the contributors on what they learned.

I'd still like to do that project, but its elevator pitch was a little long. 

2StinkyFish woke me up one morning in my San Francisco apartment. It was a sunny day with the fog rolling over my windows, and the idea struck me as perfect: quick elevator pitch ("like the OneRedPaperclip project but in order to do good for the world"), low barrier to entry (2 fish), and lots of winners (theoretically everyone who participates will be getting a good deal). It was the project I had been waiting for.

So, reality is more difficult, of course. But I'm happily now working on the project in my free time, thanks to the support and actual side-by-side work of my wife Andrea and band of friends and helpers, trying to move toward our goal. :) 


A Note on First-World Problems

We're not perfect--we live in a rich culture and we indulge. I indulge more than many. If you do, too, no need to feel terrible about yourself. But join me in bringing others along to the party by contributing to this project! 

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