The Creative Fundraising Project to Change the World


Ever since Kyle McDonald's bigger-and-better trading project landed him a house for a paperclip, Carl Winter was intrigued to see if he could use a similar innovative system to help solve some of the world's problems. 
Thus, 2StinkyFish was born: to raise money for great causes through bigger-and-better trades. The first fundraising project is to raise $1 Million dollars to fight World Hunger. The goal is to raise the money through a series of bigger-and-better donation exchanges, starting with two fish and ending with the auction of our final item contributing the proceeds to a non-profit organization like Kiva that is already creatively fighting world hunger.

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How Does the PROJECT Work?

It works like this: We start with something small and ask someone to donate something a little bigger or better in exchange. We'll then take that new something and ask someone to donate something else a little bigger or better still,  and repeat the process for something bigger or better still

We'll then repeat this process until we acquire something worth $1 Million dollars which we can auction off, allowing us to make a donation to an organization like Kiva, which can apply the money directly where it's most useful.

Perhaps an example will help: In a test project, Carl started with two fish. He exchanged those for a T-shirt. Then he exchanged the T-shirt for a board game, the board game for a gift card, and the gift card for a bottle of wine. The bottle of wine was exchanged for Burton Snowboard boots, which were then, finally, exchanged 

for a guitar autographed by the band MGMT. This guitar was then sold, and the proceeds will be donated to an organization in need.

Wait. I don't get it.

This explanation can sound a little odd. Why would someone exchange an expensive bottle of wine for a gift card valued at 1/3 of the price? The biggest reason is that the bottle of wine didn't actually cost to the owner of the vineyard what its market value is--its unit price is padded to help the business cover their overhead expenses. Sometimes businesses or individuals are willing to forgo some of the additional revenue to either get some publicity (or actually just to do something good!). 

The added benefit of a project like this is that most likely there will be fewer than 50 people who actually donate items in exchange before we get to $1 Million dollars. That's a small team to make such a big difference, and each can take pride in their contribution.


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Mission & Values: Creative Giving

Ultimately, it's our hope to make 2StinkyFish into an organization that strives to further Creative Giving, pushing people to re-imagine how they give of themselves to make the world a better place. It's our hope that projects like 2StinkyFish can open people's eyes to the different ways we can serve our fellow man.