The Creative Fundraising Project to Change the World

You can help in a variety of ways--you don't have to make a trade with us to help us reach our goal! Check out ways you can help below... 

Follow the Fish on Facebook or Twitter

If you want to see what's happening week-to-week, just follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. Easy cheesy. 

Donate a Couple Bucks to Help with Operating Costs

Even though we can do this project in our free time with our own money, it's not free. It costs about $50/month for our website costs and a few thousand dollars annually for accounting and appraising costs. Donate $10 bucks and we'll put it toward the monthly costs! 

Offer US a TRADE! 

Have something you want to donate in exchange for what we've got on tap? Tell us about it below and we'll look it over! Remember, we're looking to solve the world's problems, so make us a trade that moves the project forward--something definitely bigger or better than what we've got! Think of something that people value that you uniquely can provide at a discount.

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